Surviving Through Adversity

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What is Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy or DMD?

Duchenne, is a muscle wasting desease, that gets progressively worse over time. First studied in detail by Guillaume Benjamin Amand Duchenne, who noticed the unusal shaped calves in the 1860's.

Its symptoms include;
Awkward walking around the age of two i.e. holding on to furniture to walk,
Often falling over,
Difficulty walking, running and jumping,
It gets progressively worse, meaning boys of 8 to 12, are in wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs,
Spinal curvatures,
Muscles turn to fat and connective tissues,
Muscle contractures.
It's currently a terminal illness, survival past 30 is rare, it has no known cure.
Do not despair we can survive this, and a cure will emerge eventually.