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2016 DuchenneMen! Update! Hopefully everyone is having a safe time! My best advice for drinking liquids would be to use flexible straws and food thickeners if swallowing is hard and you can tolerate it. Stay warm in cool evenings, use plenty of fleece blankets.

Check out my new section 'Buy my Book'. If you have any queries please email thebig_ian_g@btinternet.com, title your mail with DuchenneMen. The time is set to GMT +1 BREAKING NEWS a new treatment called Translarna has been approved in England which will treat a small percentage of those with DMD sadly it's only eligible for those who still walk. NOT everyone with DMD will benefit.

What is Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy or DMD?
Duchenne, is a muscle wasting desease, that gets progressively worse over time. First studied in detail by Guillaume Benjamin Amand Duchenne, who noticed the unusal shaped calves in the 1860's.
Its symptoms include;
Awkward walking around the age of two i.e. holding on to furniture to walk,
Often falling over,
Difficulty walking, running and jumping,
It gets progressively worse, meaning boys of 8 or 9, are in wheelchairs/electric wheelchairs,
Spinal curvatures,
Muscles turn to fat and connective tissues,
Muscle contractures.
It's currently a terminal illness, survival past 30 is rare, it has no known cure.
Do not despair we can survive this, and a cure will emerge eventually.

A video explaining the desease, made in 2007.


This website is focused on our continued survival through adversity!


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