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Buy my book

All throughout 2009 I wrote my biography called 'DMD Life art & me'

The book chronicles 25 years of my life living with Duchenne Muscular dystrophy. Below is the full write up;

"IAN has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy the doctor tells my parents, a severe, fatal muscle-wasting disease that will lead to an early death. This is a chronicle of the first twenty five years of my life living with DMD read through as my ability to walk disappears, as my breathing deteriorates, as my heart fails and as I become increasingly paralysed. Despite all the ventilators and mini tracheotomies Iíve still got my positivity and determination to see me through. Iím fighting back by campaigning and lobbying all the while helping a charity try to rid the world of Duchenneís forever."

If you live in the USA or internationally, you can buy my book here; International buyers!

If you live in the UK my book is available here; UK Buyers!

Also available as an E book here; E book!

Also available in the UK at Amazon here; Amazon UK!

Also available in online bookstores in the UK.

DMD Life art & me briefly available at an independent book shop called COVER TO COVER! It's on 58 Newton Road, Mumbles, Swansea, South Wales, SA3 4BQ, UK! If my book has sold out ask if you can pre order it! Pass it on to those who are without access to the internet!

For more information on my book join the facebook group DMD Life art & me - spreading the word here; Spreading the Word

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Surviving through adversity

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